A revolutionary way to monetise your content.

It’s time to focus on growth. Agate helps you charge millions of casual consumers for the content they value.

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Multiply the income from your content
Advertising simply isn’t enough. Agate can generate multiple times the income from every user than advertising can alone. Charging people fairly and simply for the content they value can transform your commercial performance.
Transform casual viewers into real customers
Engage with all the people who consume content on a casual basis, including those driven to you from social channels and aggregators. Agate enables you to earn direct income from all your audience, at scale, for the first time.
Agate’s revolutionary micropayment platform opens up paid content opportunities at scale for the first time.
Fast, simple and risk-free to implement on your product
Agate brings micropayments to your content, not the other way round: Agate keeps your customers connected to your brand. Enable Agate on your site and every customer with an Agate Wallet can pay for your content instantly.
You’re in control of your terms of trade
Whether you want to use Agate as a stand-alone or as a complement to your existing, you are in complete control of pricing and what you charge.
Complementary to subscriptions
If subscriptions work for you, Agate complements them perfectly, opening up direct income from the 95% of casual visitors who are unlikely to commit to a subscription.
Our unique business model redefines the economics of the internet for content creators.
For the first time you are able to directly benefit from the growth of both your own audience and of the sector as a whole. Contact
us to understand how you can generate lifetime value from your
customers, even when they consume content on other
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Consumers love Agate
Photo of Henry Dimbleby

Henry Dimbleby


This could be interesting. Might even save journalism. Agate, a micro payment system for content, trialing on Popbitch. Very easy to use.

Jan 22, 2018


Photo of Luke Coleman

Luke Coleman


I think @popbitch might be onto something – a way to purchase content in micro payments via @agatehq.

Jan 18, 2018


Photo of Imogen Pelham

Imogen Pelham


Big round of applause to @popbitch for being the first publisher to test out @agatehq, which looks like a brilliant way to monetise online journalism in a fair, flexible and un-frightening way.

Jan 19, 2018


We’re working with news, magazine, video and audio brands worldwide to build a sustainable business model for content.
To learn how Agate works and how it can benefit you, get in touch.