What is Agate?


Agate is a new way to pay for premium digital content. Agate allows you to pay on a per-article basis instead of via a subscription, with no commitment. You have total control over your spending, and the unique Agate “Free Point” means that you will never spend too much.

What are the benefits of Agate? The five key things you need to know.

• It’s easy: Registration takes only 2 quick steps -you’ll be signed up in around 2 minutes. We only ask you for the minimum amount of information.

• It’s flexible:  There’s no subscription and you only pay for the articles you want to read.

• It’s open:  With Agate, you always have full visibility of what you have spent and what you have read.  The green Agate Tab in the left of your screen lets you know when you’re being charged. Your Agate Wallet shows prices and how close you are to reaching the Free Point.  Your Account page lets you keep track of everything you have read through Agate, and all your top ups.

• You have total control: You have control over your spending. You can decide to let Agate charge you automatically, or alternatively you can choose to authorise each charge individually.

• It’s Secure: Agate has rigorous security standards so your Agate Wallet and all your payments are totally secure. Your card details are stored by our payment providers:  Braintree and Paypal, and not by Agate.

How do I start using Agate?

Step 1: Register: It only takes 2 minutes because we only ask you only to provide the minimum personal information.

Step 2: Top up your wallet with as little as £3.00.

Step 3: Each time you visit an Agate-enabled site, approve the charges: you can choose to be charged automatically from your Agate wallet for an interruption-free reading experience, or approve each charge individually. You can change your selection at any time through your Account page.

What are the features of Agate?

Agate’s payment process is simple. You only need to sign in once on each device you use. Each time you want to read a premium article, the price will be deducted from your Agate balance. Each site sets its own prices, Agate doesn’t impose them.

Because prices vary from site to site, we will ask you to approve the prices the first time you visit a new site. If you forget the price of any site, you can always see the price by clicking on the green Agate tab on the left of your screen. If you want you can choose to approve every time you read a premium article.

There is no minimum spend, and no minimum time you need to keep your account with Agate. We don’t deduct money from your Agate wallet except when you decide to spend it. And we don’t take money from your bank or PayPal account except when you decide to top up your Agate wallet. The green Agate tab on the side of your screen will let you know each time an amount has been deducted from your Agate wallet.

Where do I find the Agate Wallet?

You can access your Agate Wallet at any time from the green Agate tab on the left of your screen. Use the Agate Wallet to check your balance, and to see your progress towards the Free Point. From the Settings button, you can go to your Account page to see all your transactions, top up your Agate wallet, and to change your settings.

Where can I use Agate?

Agate is currently available on reaction.life, popbitch.com, the cricketer.com, and cornwallreports.co.uk with many more titles coming soon.

Introduction to the Agate Wallet

The Agate Wallet lets you see your balance and your progress toward free reading for the week. It can be easily accessed by clicking on the green Agate tab that sits on the side of your screen. Click the tab and the Agate Wallet will open. Most of the time it will remain static, but if there’s something important you need to know the Agate Wallet will pop out and alert you.

What information does the Agate Wallet contain?

Open the Agate Wallet to

  • Find out your current Agate balance
  • Top up your Agate balance
  • Check the price of premium articles on the site you are currently looking at
  • Check your progress toward free reading for the week (more about that in “Price per premium article and per week”)
  • Access your Account page
  • Access help pages
  • Log out.

The Agate Wallet will pop out to alert you when there is something important you need to know – for instance, that you have reached free reading for the week.

What’s in my Account Page?

In your Account page you can:

  • Check and top up your Agate balance
  • See all your transactions
  • Change your authorisation settings (more about those in “Authorising payments”)
  • Change your marketing preferences
  • Change your credit card details
  • Contact us
How do I find my Account Page?

Click on the green Agate tab to the left of your screen to open the Agate Wallet. Click on the settings icon at the bottom of the Agate Wallet to open the menu, and click on “Account Page”. That will open a new window to your Account page.

Your money

How do I top up my wallet?

You can top up your Agate balance directly from the Agate Wallet – just click the “top up” button.  The payment is processed via Braintree and PayPal, who comply with the strictest security standards.  Agate doesn’t hold your credit card details.

What if I need to change my bank account details?

You can change your bank account details by going to your Account page and then going to Account Settings. To get to your Account page from the Agate Wallet, click on the settings icon, then click on “Account Page”.

How do I know what I’ve spent?

Your Account page lists all the articles that you have read, and whether you were charged for them. You can also track your top up amounts there.


Where do I find the prices?

The prices for each publication will appear in your Agate wallet, accessed through the green Agate tab at the left hand side of your screen. You will also be notified of the pricing for each publication when you first try to access premium articles on that site.

Authorising Payments

You can choose whether you want to authorise payment for each premium article, or whether you want to be charged automatically for interruption-free reading. The tab will always let you know when you have been charged for a premium article. Once you’ve paid for a premium article, you won’t be charged to access it again – just make sure you’re still logged in with your Agate wallet.

You can change these settings easily on your ‘Account Page’, which can be accessed through the settings icon in the bottom right hand corner of your Agate wallet.

Is it the same price for all publications?

The pricing for premium articles and the price of the free point varies between publications. The length of the free period also varies depending on the publication: it might be a day, a week or a month.

With Agate, publishers maintain full control over their pricing. That means publishers can set a price that works best for them and for their readers.

Why are there two prices showing in my Agate wallet?

Your Agate wallet shows two prices: the price per premium article, and the price of the ‘free point’. If you forget the prices, or want to check how close to you are to accessing free reading, just open the Agate wallet.

You can find out more about the ‘free point’ below.

What’s the ‘free point’? And why is there a ‘free point’?

Once you’ve spent a certain amount of money reading premium articles on a particular site, you’ll hit what we call the ‘free point’. Hitting the ‘free point’ means that you’ll get unlimited access to premium articles on that site for a certain time period. So, for example, the ‘free point’ on Popbitch is 50p and their ‘free period’ is a week. That means that if you spend 50p within a week on Popbitch, you get unlimited access to the rest of their premium articles for the rest of that week.

Publishers include a free point in their pricing so that you’re never paying too much, just because you love them. The more you read, the better the value – and no surprises.

How do you calculate a day/week?

The time period for the ‘free point’ on a site starts from the time that you pay for the first premium article on that site.

For example, to qualify for the free point on Popbitch, you need to spend 50p in a week. The free period lasts for the rest of that week on Popbitch. So if you pay for your first premium article at midday on a Tuesday, and spend 50p before 11:59 the following Tuesday, you can read Popbitch for free until 11:59 the following Tuesday. The clock will restart from whatever time you next pay to read a premium article on that site. You can check when you read each premium article on your ‘Account Page’.

Can I use the ‘free point’ from one site for another site?

No, each site has their own free point; you can’t carry them over to a new site.

Third Party Cookies

Why does Agate use third party cookies?

Agate doesn’t use third party cookies – Agate IS a third party cookie. In order for Agate to ensure that you are correctly charged on Agate-enabled publisher websites, it needs to place a cookie. Those cookies are treated by your browser as being a third party cookie.

What cookies does Agate place?

We place two cookies:


This cookie tracks which pages you access on an Agate-enabled website, and what amounts have been debited from your Agate wallet, to make sure that you are correctly charged.   


These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the Agate service. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the service. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of users who see the Agate service, when and how users register with Agate, and the pages they visited.

How do I allow third party cookies?

Here is how to change your third party cookie settings on various browsers.  


  1. Go to Chrome > Preferences >Advanced Settings >Content Settings

  2. Turn “block third party cookies” to “off“.


  1. Go to Safari > Preferences >Privacy

  2. Under the heading “Cookies and website data” select “Always allow


  1. Go to Firefox > Preferences > Privacy & Security

  2. Under the heading “Cookies and site data”, for the option “accept third-party cookies and site data” select “Always“.

Internet Explorer 8:

  1. click Tools > InternetOptions > Privacy > Advanced.

  2. Check the tick box “Accept Third-party Cookies” and click OK.


  1. Click Opera >Settings > Privacy & security link.

  2. Make sure that the “block third party cookies and site data” is unchecked

Android Chrome:

  1. Click the three breadcrumbs at the top right of the screen, select Settings > Site Settings > Cookies

  2. Turn “Cookies” to “on”

  3. Tick “allow third party cookies”.

Iphone / iPad Safari:  Go to Settings > Safari

  1. Scroll down to “Privacy and Settings”.

  2.  Turn “block all cookies” to “off”.

Can I use Agate without third party cookies?

If your browser is set to exclude third party cookies, it will not allow you to log in to, or use Agate.

Why isn’t Agate working on my iOS device any more?

For some users, a recent software update from Apple has resulted in third party cookies being disabled. If you’re seeing this problem please use the instructions above to change your setting.

Want to know more?

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