Convenient. Low cost. Simple.

An Agate wallet gets you access to paid premium articles

You only pay for the stories you want to view and you always have control

Agate has rigorous security standards so your wallet is always protected

And above all:  it’s fast.  Once you’re registered, that’s the end of the hassle.
No more registration forms, no more inputting your credit card.

Agate is a green tab on the side of your screen.

How it Works

Register with Agate. Add some credit to your wallet. Just a few pounds is enough.


When you want to read a premium article, the price is deducted from your wallet.


When you reach the free point, you can keep reading for free while the free point lasts. Your wallet keeps a track of everything.


Agate sits on the side of your screen, so you can access all your account information with one click.


You don’t have to download anything: Agate sits within the content you want to read.

Click on the green tab to open your wallet or register.